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New Items:

(image from previous owner)

Angelic Pretty
White Standing Collar Blouse

Comes with detachable sleeves and bow.
Made for a smaller girl. Never worn by me.
Bust: 33" max

Price: $50 + $5 shipping, or best offer

(photo from shop blog)

Angelic Pretty
Black Classical Rose Skirt

Gorgeous skirt, a little tight on me, and i just never wear it. I only wore it once for a few hours.
Comes with a detachable brooch (forgot to take a picture of it).
Waist: 27" or less is comfortable.

Price: $150 shipped, or best offer.

Handmade Skirt

Found this at a thrift store, tried it out for lolita, and it's quite cute. In really good condition.
Made of a dark navy cotton, and two patches of denim on the front. Had elastic, but it's pretty much stretched out.
Can fit a short petti underneath. Has no zipper, I have to pull it down over my head. Has lining and tulle attached.

Waist: 28 in. max
Length: 20 in.

Price: $10 + $5 shipping

Long Brown Wig

First photo is from original seller.
It was in poor condition, and needed some TLC.
I brushed it and washed it after receiving it, but realized I still didn't quite like it, so it's time to go.
(It still has the smell of my shampoo)

Price: $15 shipped

Star Jewelry Set
I don't remember where I got these, I believe they were a gift, but they don't suit my style!

Price: $5 + $2 shipping

Ring Set
None of these suit my style, so I'm selling them as a set.

Price: $10 shipped

Bead Bottle Set
Made these a long while ago to sell, now trying to sell them as a set.

Price: $15 + $3 shipping, may take offers

Classic Necklace Set
Purchased these online, but I have a similar necklace to the rabbit, and I didn't end up caring for the crown. Both are BNWOT.

Price: $10 + $3 shipping, or best offer.

Reposted Items:

Angelic Pretty
Night Castle Necklace
Silver, BNIP

Price: $32 shipped

Angelic Pretty
Hanikami Bear Necklace
Green, BNIP

Price: $32 shipped

Angelic Pretty
Hanikami Bear Ring
Yellow, BNIP

Price: $20 shipped

Angelic Pretty
Country of Sweets Cake Ring
Pink, BNIP. One of the gems is missing.

Price: $20 shipped

Angelic Pretty
Royal Cards Over Knee
Blue x White, BNIP

Price: $26 shipped

Angelic Pretty
Classic Melody Over Knee
White x Black, BNIP

Price: $17 shipped

Angelic Pretty
Candy Border Over Knee
Black x Ivory (they look a bit more grey than ivory), BNIP

Price: $20 shipped

Angelic Pretty
Dreamy Horoscope OTK, White
BNWT from AP SF, tag arrived detached.
stock photos

Price: $30 shipped

Long Curly Faded Light Pink / Dark Pink Wig

Fell in love when I saw this on their website, purchased on a pre-order.
The colors were very different when it arrived, much more vibrant than their stock photos.
Realized I wouldn’t wear it, and I’m asking less than what I paid for it.
Bangs are untrimmed, only tried on. Excellent quality; made of very soft fibers.

It was really hard to color match, but I tried to provide a better idea of the colors compared to the stock photos.

Price: $38 shipped

My wishlists for trades:

Angelic Pretty (dresses), Angelic Pretty (other items) Baby & AatP, Metamorphose,
Innocent World, Moi Meme Moitie, Mary Magdalene, Baroque, Taobao, Misc. Brands

Thank you so much for looking!
Any questions? Need more pictures or info? Feel free to ask!

I also still want to trade my Rocaille Playing Cards Skirt here!


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Mai Agerlin Christensen
Dec. 30th, 2012 04:26 pm (UTC)
Classic necklace set
Hello ^^

Is the classic necklace set still available? I am very interested!

Dec. 30th, 2012 05:50 pm (UTC)
Re: Classic necklace set
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