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Wish Bottles

I made a pair of bottles which contain me and my boyfriend's wishes (above), and now we wear each other's wishes as necklaces (I wear the blue with his wish, and he wears the pink with mine).
Recently, someone offered me the idea of selling these bottles. The idea grew on me, and now I offer these Wish Bottles to you.

Each bottle pair consists of:
~Two 28 mm tall bottles
~Colored beads
~You and your partner's wishes on white paper
~A ribbon around the neck of each bottle

You can also choose to buy just one bottle, which will consist of just one of everything above.

$15 USD per pair + $3 shipping (includes Delivery Confirmation)
$7.50 USD for one + $3 shipping (includes Delivery Confirmation)
*I pay the Paypal Fee*

Rules, Shipping, and Info:
~US only please
~Shipping from California
~I only accept paypal, thank you :)
~I have feedback here (+28,~0,-0).
~I am not responsible for lost/stolen/damaged mail/payment/packages.
~I will put the bottles in a small jewelery box, wrap them in bubble wrap and tape, and ship them in a bubble mailer.
~I have dropped a test bottle a few times from 6 feet high onto asphalt and it survived with only scratches where it hit, but please remember that they are glass!
~I seal the cork with super glue, put super glue on the ribbon so it doesn't come undone, and put clear polish on the ends of the ribbon so it doesn't unravel.
~Please try to avoid backing out, but I do understand that getting your partner's wish may be difficult.
~I will keep a status list in this post.


Step One: Choose your bead color(s)
This picture shows how much I have of each color, and proof.

Click on each following name for a close up of the beads:
~Bright Blue
~Dark Green
~Pink (assorted colors)
~Dark Blue
~Olive Green
~Soft Blue

I tried to get the pictures as color-accurate as possible, using natural light.
You can choose any combination of colors you like ^-^


Step 2: Choose your ribbon color for each bottle:
Currently available:

These are the colors I currently have on hand, but if there is any color you'd like, I can easily get it for you. :)

A few comparison shots:
Brown/Gold ribbon with Gold beads:

Bright Blue ribbon with Bright Blue Beads:

Light Pink ribbon with Pink Beads:


Step 3: Your wishes!
This is gonna be the tricky part :/
I'm going to need both you and your partner's wishes.
You can do this by emailing me at egichii@hotmail.com,
and asking your partner to do the same. (don't tell them what it's for of course!)
I will write each of your wishes in ink on a white piece of paper, fold it up tight, and put it in the bottle.

If you choose to only purcase one, all you have to do is send your wish, or anything else you'd like written.


Step 4: Choose between:
~Necklaces Type One: 18" thin chain & 24" thick chain || both worn || comparison. two pairs available.
~Necklaces Type Two: 2 16" silver chains || closeup || worn. two pairs available.
~Cell Phone Charms, two pairs available.
~If you have any other ideas, please let me know~


Currently I'd like to open up two comission slots to see what kind of response I get from you ladies (and gentlemen) ^w^
If all goes well, I'd like to open up more slots :)


Thank you so much for looking!
If you have any questions at all, or want more pictures, please, please ask! either by posting here, or sending me a PM.
Also, if you'd like me to take a picture of the finished bottles before shipping, that's not a problem!


Order Form:
Whoever fills out the form first will get a comission slot.

Your Name:
First Bottle Bead Color(s):
First Bottle Ribbon Color:
Second Bottle Bead Color(s):
Second Bottle Ribbon Color:
Necklace/Cell Charm/Other:

Thank you so much for looking!


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